Recruitment Advertising And Employer Branding In 2020
Mar 24, 2020

5 hacks on how you can instantly boost your employer brand

Each year the talent market is becoming more and more competitive. That is why recruitment advertising has become an indispensable part of finding and attracting the best talents. Recruitment advertising strategies help companies to reach out to the candidates, boost the employer brand and significantly expand the talent funnel. 

Nowadays recruitment advertising is necessary for any size of companies — from startups to huge enterprises, because it helps not only to attract active job seekers but also passive candidates.

In 2020 Recruitment Advertising includes traditional advertising and digital advertising. Traditional advertising practices include newspapers, journals, radio, TV, billboards, flyers and so on. These methods can be effective on some positions, but the downside is that there is no exact way to track their KPI and the cost of each lead. That is the reason why Digital Advertising is a better tactic for companies that want to calculate financial advantages.

Digital advertising tools include various recruitment platforms where you can create a landing page for each vacancy and promote it on different social networks, job distribution tools, job boards, aggregators, and ad exchanges.

In addition to recruitment advertising, we also want to give you 5 life hacks on how you can instantly boost your employer brand:

1. Treat Candidates like Customers 

When a candidate does his research before the interview he should have experience similar to online shopping. Give the candidate a clear positive view of his future job.

2.  Use the Newest Technology

Technology gives a huge boost to your employer brand by providing better communication channels and improving the candidate experience.

3. Look Closely at Your Social Media Presence

No matter what social network you use and no matter how many (or few) followers you have, your company’s channels should represent the work environment that would appeal to your perfect candidate.

4. Respect Those That Did Not Make the Cut

It is really important to give a positive experience to all of your candidates. Be polite, don’t forget to send your rejected candidates an email thanking them for their time, assure them that they will be notified if a more appropriate opportunity arises.

5. Develop Brand Ambassadors

Any person who loves the company and has something good to say about it can be your brand ambassador and spread the good news about it.

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