How is VCV different from other platforms like Skype or Zoom?
Mar 23, 2020

People ask us about the functional differences between VCV and Skype or Zoom and if it makes sense to switch between the platforms. In short, the functionality of Skype and Zoom is one of VCV’s tools but we have a much wider toolbox to offer.

There are situations when a call with your potential employee is postponed or cancelled; you have to search for a quiet spot where external noises don’t interrupt your communication. This is especially true during quarantine. VCV video interviews can solve these problems instantly. You ask questions, and your candidates record all answers whenever it’s most convenient for them, and you look through their responses at the time that works best for you. There is no need to negotiate available time slots and try to keep your children away from your computer.

You have to do a group call to negotiate chosen candidates which is a bit of a challenge as you have to find a time slot that is convenient for 3-4-5 people and spend 30-60 minutes on it, after which you will need to make one more call to discuss your final decision. In VCV you are able not only to work on the same vacancy with your colleagues simultaneously and look through candidates’ responses independently from each other, but also share the link to a candidate's responses so that you can get immediate feedback from your hiring manager or team lead. 

When you talk to a candidate via Skype and want to make notes, you use your pen and notebook or take notes on your phone. These types of notes get lost, and in a couple of days you will might not even remember what those notes corresponded to. In VCV you can leave comments on a candidate's profile. No confusion. 

If you need to hold a video conference as one of the hiring stages, then VCV Live is one of the tools integrated into the platform. It is a full-fledged substitution for Skype and Zoom but with the opportunity to make notes for yourself during an interview and store a candidate’s video response.

Skype and Zoom are online interview tools. In VCV we’ve created a holistic hiring process which includes questionnaires, testing platforms, video recordings, and online interviews. 

Try it today! If you work at a non-profit educational institution —  schools, educational centers, universities, or foundations, then we can offer you full access to the platform during quarantine.

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